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Based upon years of successful research-to-operations experience, SpacEarth Technology offers a broad range of products, data services and engineering, consulting solutions and training.


Advanced Ionosonde
AIS ionosonde (Advanced Ionospheric Sounder) is an efficient, and simple as well, instrument capable to investigate Earth ionosphere [read more]





Fii (Forecast Ionosphere Irregularities) is an innovative product to forecast ionosphere irregularities  [read more]




Ray Tracing Tool Fig.2. - Graphical user interface (GUI) of IONORT program. The 2-D and 3-D visualizations of the ray paths are shown at the bottom and right respectively, considering a TX point at Rome, Italy, and an azimuth angle of transmission equal to 121.6° (in direction of Chania, Greece), on 26 June 2011 at 01:00 UT. To realize the full potential of IONORT, composite simulations, based on the International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) global model, are performed not only inside but also outside the central Mediterranean region, by taking the geomagnetic field and the electron collisions into account, with single or multiple ionospheric reflections (1 – 3 hop paths): for a fixed elevation angle of 18° with a 3 MHz frequency-step iterative procedure from 3 MHz to 30 MHz; and for a fixed frequency of 15 MHz with a 5° elevation-step iterative procedure from 0° to 60°.

IONOspheric Ray Tracing (IONORT) is an applicative software tool package for calculating a three-dimensional ray tracing of high frequency (HF) radio waves in the ionospheric medium [read more]


Environmental Surveys
The application fields covered by SpaceEarth Technology in the field of environmental surveys are Geological-structural, Archaeological, Environmental [read more]


mm10 Marine Monitoring

Planning of data acquisition campaigns at sea: site-specific topics, choice of the right set of instruments, support for logistics for marine operations, hardware specifications, etc. Surveys with our instruments and platforms: we can use our existing monitoring systems and instrumentation and our expertise for survey at sea [read more]




RESPER_Fig2aResper Meter

The electrical RESistivity and dielectric PERmittivity measuring device (RESPER meter) for non-invasive investigation of enviroment is a survey device exploiting the electrical induction by means of a capacitive coupling with media as terrestrial soils and concretes. [read more]




Mines-In-Time: An automatic seismic monitoring service

Ground deformations represent one of the main hazards in mining areas and they are related to the presence of natural and anthropogenic cavities. Monitoring mining activity is crucial to mitigate risks associated to catastrophic collapses through identification of likely premonitory signs. [read more]