What experts say about us

M.O. Aquino, Nottingham Geospatial Institute, Dept. of Civil Engineering,  University of Nottigham, UK

I have known the permanent members and consultants of SpacEarth for over 10 years now, in particular Vincenzo Romano, Giorgiana De Franceschi, Lucilla Alfonsi and Luca Spogli. I have had the privilege of establishing a long lasting working relationship with them which enabled us to develop collaborative research of the highest level, through which we have been awarded several research grants and have published a number of high quality joint research papers. Their work ethics is undisputable and so is their technical ability. I wish them all the success in this new venture and I would be very enthusiastic to support them and/or act as their referee.


B. Bougard, Septentrio Satellite Navigation, N.V., Belgium

We have been working with Vincenzo, Luca, Giorgiana and Lucilla since 2009 and they have been of great help for our team to understand, qualify and quantify the space-weather threat on Septentrio’s application. The knowhow built up from the interaction helped us to adapt our product for an higher resilience to space-weather effects. It also resulted in the development of dedicated products such as the PolaRxS ionospheric scintillation monitoring receiver, which the SpaceEarth team has much experience in deploying.


C.N. Mitchell, Dept of Elec. Eng, University of Bath, UK

I have known many of the scientific advisors to SpacEarth Technology for over a decade.  I have extensive experience in working with them and can certify that they are highly professional and reliable.  I recommend them highly to other clients.