Environmental surveys

The application fields covered by SpaceEarth Technology in the field of environmental surveys are:

  • Geological-structural: let you contribute, for example, to research the underground water, the mapping of large cavities at risk collapse (sinkholes), the study of the presence and geometry of surface faults linked to recent tectonics, visualization of internal coating to the soil, the depth of the substrate;
  • Archaeological: identification of underground structures buried archaeological structures (such as tombs, flooring and artifacts in general) and their mapping on supports digital map;
  • Environmental: geophysical survey techniques offer a wide scenario applications in this field: the mapping and zoning of underground landfills, the localization of hazardous waste buried (drums, tanks, piles heterogeneous), the identification and mapping of possible pollutants buried in order to direct the samples for analysis of land, searching for bombs buried in the interests of environmental remediation, the mapping of the aquifer, the monitoring of Alpine glaciers, the identification of underground)

while the survey methodologies supported and tools available are:

  • GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar): GSSI Sir3000 with wide spectrum of multifrequency antennas;
  • Electrical tomography, resistivity and induced polarization surveys: SYSCAL Instrument;
  • Magnetometry: magnetometer Geometrics optically pumped magnetometers and gradiometrici for archeology Bartington Grad 601-2;
  • Electromagnetism: electromagnetic induction methods in the frequency domain (FDEM) fixed frequency (Geonics EM31) and multifrequency (Profiler EMP400 GSSI), Methods in time domain electromagnetic induction (TDEM);
  • GPS (Global Positionning System): Receivers geodetic Topcon GB1000 and HiRes RTK.