ESA Narwhals Project

2019, April 12 - A funded project from European Space Agency for navigation with high accuracy positioning, by monitoring the ionospheric impact on GNSS navigation in Arctic regions.

The chosen location for both scenarios is in the Svalbard Islands supported by the facilities at Ny Alesund.

The project aims to individuate a solution specifically customised to support the Arctic shipping through the adoption of different technologies that can guarantee the operation of the proposed network in extreme environments.

The solution proposed is based on the integration of the Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB) knowledges on low power systems design with the SpacEarth Technology interpreting the ionospheric data.

Tags: Technology, Aerospace

  • Spacearth Technology Srl, capital € 10.000
  • c.f. 12975411005 - p.iva 12975411005
  • e.r. 12975411005 - r.e.a. 1414698