OMC 2019 Opening Session

2019, March 27 - Mediterranean 'bridge' between producing countries and Europe alternative sources for the development of african countries contrast to climate change.

The digital revolution and the rapid implementation of energy efficiency technologies promise to enhance productivity, increase competitiveness while ensuring higher quality standards, security and environmental protection. These issues have been at the center of OMC 2019, across plenary, panel and technical sessions.

Over 20,000 industry experts and some 650 companies from 33 Countries will discuss these important themes in Ravenna, where the development of the thriving Mediterranean energy industry all began some 60 years ago.

"On one hand - comments Enzo Titone, chairman of OMC2019 - producing countries should be offered the possibility of a sustainable development and improvement of the life conditions of the population, using not only hydrocarbon discoveries but also taking advantage of the richness of available renewable sources. On the other hand there is Europe, a major energy consumer and committed to diversifying the sources of energy supply".

Panel discussions

  • The development of advanced technologies: new business opportunities in the Mediterranean
  • Development of MED GAS HUB: the routes to Europe

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