AIS Ionosonde

The ionospheric radar AIS uses high-frequency radio waves for the remote sensing of the ionosphere.

The system measures all parameters of the ionospherically reflected HF radio signals, and automatically calculates the local ionospheric electron density profile in real time.


AIS is essential for space weather monitoring and ionospheric modelling.


Space weather centres, Meteorology Centres, Research Institute.


AIS ionosonde (Advanced Ionospheric Sounder) is an efficient, and simple as well, instrument capable to investigate Earth ionosphere. Designed and carried out employing the most advanced radar techniques, it allows to get an ionogram with only 250 W peak power, keeping dimensions and weight low with respect to similar instruments, and above all the reliability of the measurement due to the usage of coded pulses. Various specimens of AIS are currently working in ionospheric observatories placed in different continents.

Technical details

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