Satellite Navigation Services

Ionospheric threats on GNSS precise positioning limit many high accuracy commercial by limiting service continuity.

space weather 1Benefits

High accuracy nowcasting/forecasting and mitigation services based on a new real time positioning solution that is robust to disturbances due to harsh ionospheric conditions and overcome economic losses due to large positioning errors under disturbed ionosphere.


Farmers, mining, constructions and offshore, land management companies.


It is a GNSS-based service delivered through an innovative software package consisting in: i) a patent filed algorithm for short term forecasting of ionospheric disturbances along each individual satellite-receiver ray-path in the area of interest; ii) mitigation algorithms to improve position accuracy based on the afore mentioned forecasting algorithm.

Technical details

Informations and details about the service are available to download. Find out more.

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company profile and description of services

  • Spacearth Technology Srl, capital € 10.000
  • c.f. 12975411005 - p.iva 12975411005
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